A Transformational Healer of the Heart, Body, and Soul…

A Healer deeply connected to the Medicine Wheel of Earthly and non Earthly energiesWelcome to the Medicine Wheel and to all the natural elements of Mother Earth that converge for your deepest joy and highest vibration. You are the river of life that flows over the rich soil of your muscles and tissues and bones. This River, when liberated to flow with strength, ease, and grace, gently pulls out the sharp painful energetic objects lodged in your soil. It gently dislodges the heavy boulders that weigh you down and block the energetic portals of your infinite potential. Allow my healer to help you open spaces within you for infinite well-being to flow in.

Sacred Body Alchemy is Deep Medicine that heals and supports your body’s seven physiological systems and seven energetic chakras. My  mission as a healer is to treat the energetic wounds of your BEING–however ancient and calcified, or however new and raw– with Shamanic ceremony, physical bodywork, and energetic balancing.

The Healer Invites You

We offer a highly unique focus on deep hip opening and release, a healing that is especially beneficial for Athletes and those of you who experience the temporary limitations of arthritis in the hips. Our clients include celebrity athletes, bodyworkers, healing practitioners, and corporate executives who live in and visit Santa Barbara.

May Your Heart Open and Your Spirit Soar . . .

Sunny, MA, CMT
(805) 450-5310

For availability, please call (805) 450-5310. One day prior booking encouraged.

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My peaceful, beautiful massage & healing space is situated in the heart of Santa Barbara down a private drive away from the downtown bustle.

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My vision is to offer my unique palette of skills and services, to help you enrich your life from the inside out.

My studies have granted me a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of California, Long Beach, which birthed a long career as a copyediter and writer.

A Masters degree in Clinical Psychology led me to work therapeutically with developmentally disabled and homeless populations before I chose to shift to practicing bodywork–which I perceive to be the ultimate integration of mind, body, soul healing and presence.

I trained as a massage therapist at the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute specializing in deep Swedish Massage, with an additional focus on neurolymphatic, Chi Nei Tsang (CNT), and cranio sacral modalities. I continued private studies in Lomi Lomi massage, Reiki, and aromatherapy.

My deep spiritual practice in indigenouse and shamanic ceremony has deepened my medicine as a healer, which I look forward to sharing with you.


What My Clients Say…

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving regular massage from Sunny over the past year.  She is an excellent, highly skilled practitioner who seamlessly blends both traditional western body work with very powerful eastern energy techniques.  Her chakra work is accompanied by her clear, lovely, voice intoning prayers for the highest good of her clients.  It is truly a very spiritual and unique experience which sets her apart from the crowd.  I gladly give her the highest of recommendations.”

~ SD, Santa Barbara

“Sunny – I wanted to thank you for your amazing, breathtaking message today! I look forward to being one of your regular clients. Blessings and Namaste!”

~ Don, Santa Barbara

“Sunny Petersen is a deeply commited, uniquely gifted healer.   Significantly, the room in which she heals has the immediate feeling of sanctuary, you can feel her medicinal spirit even before she lays hands and heart on you.  Sunny’s focus, sensitivity, strength, and nurture is a rare healing blend, and there’s a true integrity of spirit that infuses everything she does.  I’d call her Wise Woman Walking.”

Suzie Plakson, Los Angeles

“Sunny’s massage was beyond blissful. Her nurturing energy, her unique flowing strokes, and her focussed attention to areas that needed addressing left me feeling like a new person! Days later I could still sense that I had somehow been healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Sunny!”

David Kennet, Los Angeles Continue reading “Testimonials”


For availability, please call (805) 450-5310 or email sunny@sacredbodyalchemy.org.

One day prior booking encouraged.

Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay Accepted. Thank You.