Canine Massage

Does your cherished furry friend suffer from aches and pains? Limping? Short-temperdness? Trouble jumping into the car after beach walks?

Regular ilio-tibial massage for your dog:

  • Improves hip flexibility
  • Reduces pain
  • Adds life to their years
  • Prevent trips to the vet down the road

I offer a specialized massage therapy service to your home or any location where your canine companion is most comfortable.

As a highly experienced long-time massage therapist for humans suffering hip injuries, arthritis, and various joint and muscular aches and pains, I’ve expanded into canine anatomy. I would be honored to help give your dog(gies) relief from chronic pain and discomfort from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other challenges that cause them pain.

My own 100-pound Argentine Mastiff River began showing signs of pain and discomfort at the youngish age of 5 (35ish in doggie years). He would be stiff when rising from a nap, often limp after a long walk, and have trouble jumping into the car. He was not his usual goofy, happy self and grew rather grumpy and ill-tempered!

When I began to massage his hips and legs he would collapse into bliss. River is rather spoiled and gets daily massages. He now enjoys long hikes without pain, and runs like blazes on the beach with younger pups!

Contact me at 805-450-5310 today to book your pooch’s first appointment. $60 per visit.