What My Clients Say…

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving regular massage from Sunny over the past year.  She is an excellent, highly skilled practitioner who seamlessly blends both traditional western body work with very powerful eastern energy techniques.  Her chakra work is accompanied by her clear, lovely, voice intoning prayers for the highest good of her clients.  It is truly a very spiritual and unique experience which sets her apart from the crowd.  I gladly give her the highest of recommendations.”

~ SD, Santa Barbara

“Sunny – I wanted to thank you for your amazing, breathtaking message today! I look forward to being one of your regular clients. Blessings and Namaste!”

~ Don, Santa Barbara

“Sunny Petersen is a deeply commited, uniquely gifted healer.   Significantly, the room in which she heals has the immediate feeling of sanctuary, you can feel her medicinal spirit even before she lays hands and heart on you.  Sunny’s focus, sensitivity, strength, and nurture is a rare healing blend, and there’s a true integrity of spirit that infuses everything she does.  I’d call her Wise Woman Walking.”

Suzie Plakson, Los Angeles

“Sunny’s massage was beyond blissful. Her nurturing energy, her unique flowing strokes, and her focussed attention to areas that needed addressing left me feeling like a new person! Days later I could still sense that I had somehow been healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Sunny!”

David Kennet, Los Angeles

“Sunny is the first therapist I’ve had who was able to get to the root of my issue in a careful and respectful way. I have had a problem with arthritis for a couple of years now and after a session with Sunny, I have noticed a major change in how I feel. She has helped return some of my range of motion. Her warmth and healing touch are unmatched.”

~ Jack S., Santa Barbara, CA

“I have known Ms. Sunny Petersen as a coaching student and fellow bodyworker here in Santa Barbara for two years. She has demostrated honesty, compassion, and intelligence in the course of our acquaintance, and I would be delighted to recommend Sunny to any person seeking a qualified massage therapist.”

~ Laurel F., Massage Coordinator, La Casa de Maria Retreat

“Sunny is a highly educated and talented masseuse/healer who brings many global techniques and an authentic commitment to her work. Physically, you come away feeling you have met someone real; respected, cared for, and healed. She takes her time and nothing is left out. But her physical manipulation skills, although excellent, are not the most valuable part. Far more than a physical experience, Sunny provides a mental and spiritual dimension that is rare indeed. (Am I actually floating right now?)

Her work is based on indigenous and non-Western concepts, traditions, and imagery emphasizing nurturing and healing via powerful relationships between ourselves and the natural world unknown to most practitioners. As a result her practice brings a truly (physically, mentally and spiritually) integrated approach that elevates the massage into a whole different territory. If you are looking for something more than typical, the ride is well worth it.”

– J.S., Santa Barbara

“I’m sure you noticed I was tense when I arrived and my body even more tense! But you have a great kind spirit and a wonderful practice. It’s so nice to be able to get a professional good deep tissue, spiritually healing, massage, finally. Thank you Sunny… my back feels great and I feel replenished…”

– Tim, Goleta

“Sunny, you have a loving, gentle energy mixed with a dose of fire, and the combination of your gifts and modalities would be helpful for many to get past blocks in their lives and find a place within themselves that feels safe. My session with you left me awakened and blissful.”

– E.C., Santa Barbara